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Sports: The most alive

report in the newsroom

Among the newsroom’s operations, no department is more electric than Sports. No group in the newsroom is on deadline as much, around the clock. On the weekends, the schedule gets busier.

During my time as the head of Sports at the Tribune, our report was consistently recognized among the best in the country. Among our 18 awards for excellence, 11 times the Tribune was included in the Top Ten daily, Sunday and special sections in the country. Staff writers were honored with 10 national awards during that time covering breaking news, writing features, developing projects and digging through investigations.

Our Web report was also recognized among the nation’s best in every competition. The Tribune’s online

Sports audience is greater than it has ever been and continues to expand.

I was fortunate to work with such a talented group. I was humbled to lead them. It was the best job in newsroom. I will always cherish the opportunity my bosses gave me because it motivated me to prove them right every day.

Michael Jordan

The finest single project from my time in Sports, it took months of coordination among a large team to hit every detail. It’s worthy of the subject himself.

Outside the lines

Sports dominates the culture in ways that reach beyond the games athletes play. When “bad” news finds them, reader interest is only heightened. We cover it.

Keeping score

Your favorite league’s standings don’t always include Chicago’s teams listed at the top. But when they do, it’s a special sight to behold. Chicago loves a winner.

The work

Sports has more than a few built-in advantages ... vivid imagery; a bottomless resource of numbers to help readers understand athletes and the games they play; an insatiable appetite in the audience for more information.


Two old sayings come to mind. Newspapers have long been called “the daily miracle.” And in Sports, “Every night is election night.” They’re all potentially big. You never know when the next no-hitter may arrive, but figure it’s on deadline and you get one shot to make it right. That’s the beauty. That’s the thrill.


The work here represents a selection of the big beats, breaking daily news, giant playoff runs, international sports and special pieces to give you a taste of the elements that, in some combination, became our lives every day in Sports.


Want to know more of the stories behind the stories? Drop me a line.

Here come the Hawks

The best-run and winningest team in town right now, that’s all. All wrapped in a crest, sweater and color palette that never seem short of ideas to play with.

The really fun stuff

When everyone has the score, your best investment is to offer something your competition can’t or won’t attempt. That’s our way. These are the ups and extras.

People who do the real work

Click a face, see what they had to say about covering Sports with me in a great sports town.

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