The nice things people say when you ask

When I pinged some who know me best professionally to see if they’d be willing to say a few short things about working alongside me, my goal was simply to offer a 360-degree view of who I am. Welp ... I’m genuinely overwhelmed by the response. I know, there are so many here it’s bordering on (if not trampling into) full-blown obnoxiousness. Everyone was generous with their time to share their thoughts, no way in hell I was leaving anyone out. So ... let the blushing commence. Thanks, everybody. I owe you all so very many beers.

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Bill Adee

Bill is TPUB’s VP/Development for New Ventures. Of all the tremendous people in the Tower, I’m indebted to him the most. “My years with Mike were the most rewarding of my newsroom career. He is an idea machine in a place where you burn up ideas minute by minute. He a creative perfectionist. He is tireless in an industry of workaholics. Most important, he is a good person, appreciated by those around him because he wears that heart on his sleeve.” To email Bill, please click the link.

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